Onboarding Procedure


Please read the Onboarding procedure guide before starting to consume PIL API.
The onboarding is restricted and can only be started after getting approval from PIL API Team,
Please reach out to your PIL contact to state your interest, or you may email to api.administrator@sgp.pilship.com for more detail.


API Enabling and OnBoarding Steps:


  1. Contact PIL business owner or API Administrator to get information, permission and approval.

  2. Please download our API Developer Guide from this link.

  3. Sign Up or register your organization in PIL Sandbox Developer Portal

  4. After sign up, Login to Developer Portal to create Consumer Application Client, upon creating Application, API Key and Secret will be provided in confirmation page.

  5. Subscribe to API Product in Sandbox environment, test to consume API

  6. Prepare Production Onboarding by contacting PIL business owner or API Administrator to get approval.

  7. Repeat step #2,  #3 and #4 in PIL Production Developer Portal ,  and sign up with PIL API Production Portal

  8. Go Live

Please make sure to read our Term & Condition, and take note that misuse of our API is prohibited, The consequence of API misuse is API subscription freeze and Consumer will not allow to consume API.